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In the spirit of teamwork and of the cooperative principle, Concern for Community, Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative is proud to launch a new partnership with Eastern Oregon University to award local students the chance to achieve their dreams of higher education at Oregon’s Rural University. The brand-new OTEC-EOU Rural Scholarship Program will award four EOU freshmen the opportunity to have their entire tuition paid for by OTEC and EOU if they commit to attend the university all four years.  Recognizing that each dollar kept and spent in the local economy returns that money back to our communities, this scholarship program incentivizes high school graduates from Baker, Grant, Harney and Union Counties to complete their degree at EOU. As long as an applicant meets the OTEC-EOU scholarship criteria, fulfills their obligation for the OTEC Internship Program and satisfies the criteria to complete a Scholarship Renewable form each year, the applicant may receive a scholarship from OTEC matched by funds from the EOU Scholarship Foundation annually for up to four years to complete a Bachelor's degree. Eligible applicants will receive a scholarship equivalent to 100% of tuition costs for the degree period enrolled.


OTEC-EOU Scholarships will be awarded under the following guidelines:
1.  Applicant must be an incoming freshman admitted and accepted at EOU.
2.  Applicant must either be a member of OTEC, the spouse or legal dependent of an OTEC member who has an active meter in OTEC's service territory in Baker, Grant, Harney or Union Counties.
3.  Applicant must have graduated from a high school or homeschool program within OTEC's service territory.
4.  Applicant will have achieved a 3.0 or higher GPA from last attended school.
4.  Applicant will provide high school grade point average, school transcripts and explain their participation in school activities.
5.  Applicant is required to submit three letters of recommendation, including two academic letters of recommendation.
6. Applicant will have successfully held at least a part-time job, summer job, internship, or a regular volunteer position during the past year and submit a supervisor’s recommendation letter in addition to the two letters as required in Line 5 above.
7. Applicant will complete and submit the OTEC-EOU scholarship application per the instruction for the program by the published deadline, doing so without errors or omissions.
8. Transcripts and/or letters of recommendations must be submitted along with the application, on or before the program deadline.
9. Scholarships will be granted to attend full time (12-hour minimum) at Eastern Oregon University and is renewable for up to 4 academic years or 12 academic terms.
10. Applicant must demonstrate a coherent degree plan and willingness to pursue a course of higher learning at EOU.
11. Applicant must fulfill  the OTEC internship requirments.
Finalists for the OTEC-EOU Scholarship will be personally interviewed by OTEC's Board of Directors Scholarship Committee to determine the four recipients.

What is the recipient's obligation?
OTEC-EOU scholarships are paid in full at the beginning of the school year or term upon verification of enrollment submission. Disbursement is at the EOU's discretion. If a recipient changes their choice of institutions during the award year, the remainder of the scholarship funds will be forfeited.

Recipients must maintain a minimum class load of 12 credit hours per term at EOU and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Except for breaks in terms and excluding summer term, attendance to EOU must be continuous throughout the four years or the remainder of the funds will be forfeited.

Recipients must enroll and participate in OTEC's Internship program on an annual basis through a 3-credit internship practicum course (equivalent to 90 hours) through EOU.

Recipients are expected to be ambassadors for OTEC-EOU's Rural Scholarship Program.

Recipients are asked to:
1. Write a letter of thanks addressed to the Board of Directors, the scholarship committee, and the OTEC membership.
2. Send a high resolution (300dpi) portrait photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  within 2 weeks of receiving notification of award.
3. Submit a copy of enrollment verification a minimum of 45 days prior to the start of the term. Once enrollment has been verified, OTEC and EOU will release the funds.

Scholarship Renewal Application Criteria for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year
Each year of the award period the student is required to complete the OTEC-EOU Rural Scholarship Renewal Form that can be found on either OTEC's or EOU's website.

  • The renewable application form will note any changes in the resident status and the recipient's participation in OTEC's Internship Program.
  • A copy of the recipient's current transcript is required to be submitted through EOU's ScholarSelect website, which verify credits earned and GPA achieved.    

Students who do not satisfy the criteria for credit hours earned, enrollment verification, maintain a 3.0 GPA,  fulfill the requirements of OTEC's Internship Program will not be eligible to continue in the OTEC EOU Rural Scholarship Program.

Follow this link to apply.