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Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is administered through the OSAC scholarship application and with a deadline of March 1.

  • Graduates of Oregon high schools
  • Major: Agriculture or forestry OR
  • Children or grandchildren of voting Oregon Farm Bureau Foundation members
  • GPA: 3.00+
  • Enrollment:
    • Full-time enrollment required
    • Colleges: Public and nonprofit only
    • FAFSA: Not required - not based on financial need
    • Apply-compete annually; may be received for a maximum of 5 years

Documents & Additional Requirements

  • Essay: Write a brief description regarding your past agricultural experiences.  Did you grow up on a farm or ranch?  Have you worked on a farm or ranch?  If the answer is yes to either question, how many acres on the farm(s) or ranch(es)? What was raised on the farm/ranch?  What kind of responsibilities and time commitments did you have on the farm/ranch?
  • Essay: Upload a 1-2 page HANDWRITTEN essay explaining how your course of study will impact Oregon agriculture or forestry.
  • Membership Information: If OFBF child/grandchild please provide the (1) family name, (2) membership number, and (3) relationship for the voting member of the OFBF
  • Upload: Current College Students - Please upload your complete high school transcript