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Traditional Cowboy Arts Association Fellowship

The TCAA Fellowship will be awarded annually to a craftspersons who has demonstrated commitment and passion in the pursuit of excellence in one of the four disciplines represented by the TCAA. The award carries a value of up to $12,000, covering travel and tuition for individual mentoring over the course of a year.

Applications Due by March, 2020

Send to:
Cary Schwartz
PO Box 2002
Salmon, Id USA  83467

All Applications must be received in hard copy.
Your applications must consist of:

  • Bio essay outlining career path and goals.
  • Photo portfolio showing progress of work to date.
  • If your application is unsuccessful we encourage you to apply again.
  • You can apply as many times as you wish.

Please visit the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association's Scholarship page for more information.